Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Presence of Luke Gonsioroski

by Robert "Bob" Lewandowski

Upon hearing the news that Baker 2017 Graduate, Luke Gonsioroski passed away after a ferocious fight with cancer has gotten me a little shaken up to say the least. It is so difficult to understand how someone that is so young and vibrant can leave this world. It was just this last spring when I watched him run the 100 meter dash at the Baker Invitational. He led a host of Baker students to the finish line. He was first. He was their leader and one of their best.

It is with heavy heart that I want to pass on my condolences to the Gonsioroski family as well as the greater community of Baker.  I want you to know that I, like many of the folks here in Colstrip, enjoyed watching Luke in his many appearances during our athletic competitions. He was as kind off the court/field as he was a champion on it.

Luke had such a presence. In point of this fact, I take photos at most of our athletic events. I try to capture the Colts and Fillies at their very best. It is not my intent to take photos of the competition, but Luke Gonsioroski's talent and presence somehow always ended up on my camera roll.

With that I want to share a few of these moments he had on the field. I also want to point out that he is and always will be a presence for time to come. LUKE GONSIOROSKI - MADE DUST! He has always been out in front and in my mind he will always be there! Thank you Luke for making a difference!


"Get out in front and stay there!"

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