Saturday, March 4, 2017

Loss of a Loved One

by Robert "Bob" Lewandowski

In 2008 I lost my oldest daughter, Ashton, at the age of 21 to a tragic car accident outside the little school district I was Superintendent at in Wyoming. I can't begin to tell or describe the pain that my family continues to go through because of this loss. At times it is more than what my family and I can bare, but there are other times when I am comforted knowing she lives in the lives of so many who loved her and the lives she touched.

It is with the same sentiment and emotional struggle that I have in the hearing of the loss of one of my students at Colstrip High School. It was just two weeks ago that I was taking photos of this young lady and the other cheerleaders. She was being tossed so high above others in her stunts. She was flying above all those beneath that were waiting to embrace her again. She was an angle atop of the tree. She was the focal point of those that cheer us on to do better. Those that cheer our teams and students on to be better.

There are no words that can comfort such a loss. It is so raw and so painful. I can't help but wipe the tears out of my eyes as I try to somehow acknowledge this loss and help our community. I offer my own loss of a daughter, that was much too young, as a soul of empathy. My family and I are here for Paige's family and our greater family here in Colstrip.

Here at Colstrip Public Schools, we love Paige as we do all of our students. I will continue to take pictures, love and participate in the lives of our students. I hope that Paige and her family can take comfort in knowing that Colstrip Public Schools and the families it represents will do everything possible to take care of you and all those that lament this horrible tragedy.

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