Monday, July 20, 2015

Make Dust or Eat Dust!

by Robert "Bob" Lewandowski

Student Leaders: Making Dust!
As Colstrip Colts and Fillies, I am sure our school district champions leadership. Leadership that gets out in front and shows others how things are done. It is with that notion that I can't help but visualize a magnificent colt or filly kicking up dust and taking the lead as its competitors trail. It is a carpe diem concept: "seize the day." More importantly it is an equine concept: "MAKE DUST OR EAT DUST."

Today, I visited the gym. It was full of middle and high school volleyball players. I wasn't there, but a few seconds, and coaches introduced themselves, shaking my hand and welcoming me. This was not that unusual for me to see adults taking the lead, but I was glad to see it. I felt welcomed! What really impressed me was having a group of junior and senior ball players come over, shake my hand and introduce themselves without being prompted. I thought WOW! These girls are making DUST! They got out in front and displayed a level of leadership that I don't always see as an administrator by high school students. They were confident. They were inviting. They were pleasant. They were leaders. They meant what they said and said what they meant! They are Colstrip Fillies!

Make Dust or Eat Dust? My hat goes off to these young ladies pictured. They put Colstrip out in the lead. Watch out world, Colstrip Public Schools understand what it means to MAKE DUST OR EAT DUST! The volleyball team has not only taken the lead, but I am sure they will keep it.

Proud to be Colt and Filly! Get out in front and stay there!



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