Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Let's Talk Turkey!

by Robert "Bob" Lewandowski

Celebrating the success of stakeholders is one of the most necessary things that leadership can do to advance the human condition and change a culture. Some may consider celebrations fluff; rather than an essential element that sets clear expectations. In fact, "there is an emerging body of literature that asserts that human behavior is complex, and that celebration or appreciation for prowess on the job is one of the best and smartest ways to improve worker productivity" (Transforming School Culture, Muhammad, 2018).

So let's talk turkey, and I mean a lot of it. I have been eyeballing a 29 pound turkey at Rosebud Foods, here in Colstrip, for the past several days thinking it would be a great incentive to celebrate and be thankful for our employees that have shown up everyday since the start of the school year. As you may know, that when the regular teacher or employee are absent, productivity suffers significantly.

This Thanksgiving season, the Colstrip School District would like to celebrate and recognize the teaching and staff members that have had perfect attendance at work during the first quarter of the academic year.  We certainly can't give them all a turkey (cost prohibitive), or even mention them by name, but we can put their names into a hat to draw out a WINNER!

The idea behind this celebration, is that YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! Both students and employees alike will stand a better chance to win and succeed if they show up every day. We will draw and announce the winner before the Thanksgiving Break (November 22-24). Our school district will continue to search for excellence and recognize its findings throughout the year.



"Get out in front and stay there!"

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