Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Do You Want to Know Why?

by Robert "Bob" Lewandowski

The Colstrip Board approved a new Core Purpose. The Core Purpose is at the heart of an organization. It answers the question WHY. It reflects the very reason for our school's existence. It communicates what we are here to do together and what is the business of our business.

The Core Purpose is at the "core" of the golden circle. "Schools that want to produce a healthy learning environment must first and foremost be clear about their collective purpose (Muhammad, Transforming School Culture; p 121).

According to leadership expert Simon Sinek: "People don't buy in to what you do, they buy into why you are doing it."

Colstrip Public Schools does not have a mission statement. It has a Core Purpose statement that is supported by identified Core Values. The Core Purpose is the answer to HOW we make dust!

The Core Purpose of Colstrip Public Schools is to effectively focus on learning and growth for all students in a safe, healthy, caring and collaborative environment that ensures each student achieves intellectual and personal excellence, and is well prepared for college and career pathways. 



"Get out in front and stay there!"

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