Friday, July 20, 2018

Major Maintenance and Summer Construction Projects Underway

by Robert "Bob" Lewandowski

Teaching students to be good stewards of what is entrusted to them is an educational value that we want students to learn. Setting a good example is essential; therefore, taking care of our school is paramount. Every summer the District works on major maintenance issues that cannot be addressed throughout the year when school is in session. This year's summer projects have been especially difficult to complete because of the early summer rain as contractors have a number of projects they are trying to complete in fair weather. Because of bad weather, contracted schedules get changed. This happens regardless to whether the projects are indoor or outdoor projects. As we move closer to this school year, we are completing projects that should have been completed at the end of June and mid July. Never-the-less, we are anticipating completing all scheduled projects and having our buildings ready for the new school year.

Here are a few of the major projects we have or are addressing before school starts:
  • CHS: identified pavement replacement in both the upper and lower parking lots (complete)
  • CHS: interior rooms LED lighting to replace the current florescent lighting (complete)
  • CHS: LED lighting in the parking lots to replace the current lighting (complete)
  • CHS: tree removal (complete)
  • CHS: addition of a Frequency Operated Button reader on door #17 (scheduled August 1)
  • CHS: sprinkler repairs on both the practice and football fields (in progress)
  • CHS: repaint identified classrooms (in progress)
  • CHS: repair leak in pool (complete)
  • CHS: remove and replace locker room carpet with epoxy based seamless flooring (scheduled July 26)
  • CHS: refinish the gym floor (complete)
  • CHS: mezzanine door replacement (scheduled early August)
  • CHS: complete the heat pump modification and fluid coolers on the roof (in progress)
  • CHS: repair airlock breezeway from door #17 (scheduled early August)
  • CHS: weed removal and spraying (in progress)
  • Bus Barn: erosion repair on hillside (complete)
  • Bus Barn: painting of lines and entrance bumpers (complete)
  • FBMS: exterior door repairs (complete)
  • FBMS: irrigation retrofit (complete)
  • FBMS: landscape of driveway median (scheduled)  
  • FBMS: refinish the gym floor (complete)
  • FBMS: replace and number interior doors (scheduled)
  • FBMS: weed removal and spraying (in progress)
  • PBES: carpet replacement in Rooms #1, #2, #3, #5,  and #14 (complete)
  • PBES: carpet replacement in hallways (scheduled August 6)
  • PBES: sprinkler repair (complete)
  • PBES: repaint main hallway (in progress)
  • PBES: replace the removable hanging wall in the gym/cafeteria (scheduled July 23)
  • PBES: repair of pot holes in drive (scheduled early August)
  • PBES: replace failing Smartboards with with interactive whiteboard technology (in progress)
  • PBES: weed removal and spraying (in progress)
As you can see this is quite a list in addition to normal maintenance and custodial work that is being done to get our buildings ready for the 2018-2019 school year. The District is diligent in preparing for our students return to school and we certainly ask for everyone's understanding and patience as we work to make our great schools even better.



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