Monday, July 23, 2018

Our County Fair

by Robert "Bob" Lewandowski

On Friday afternoon (July 20), I was able to get away from the office and take a trip to Forsyth and proudly examine Colstrip student art exhibits as well as watch the Sheep Show at the Rosebud County Fair. As a former 4-H livestock exhibitor, college livestock judge, as well as a parent whose kids exhibited lambs, sheep and hogs at local, state and national shows, it was a pleasure going to our own County Fair and seeing a few familiar faces and names along side their exhibits.

Colstrip Elementary Artwork
I know my kids, like most kids, always enjoyed the carnival rides as well as the other spectacular events at the fair, but my wife Debra and I have alway taken special pleasure in seeing the fruit of students's work.

Watching my wife beam with pride as she looked over her students' 3rd Grade artwork was special. Then seeing a few of our students show their livestock brought back memories of hard work, dedication and perseverance that is needed in order to show these animals. Being in 4-H and FFA teaches students so much about leadership and life. I wish every student would take advantage of the opportunities provided by these organization.

It is with a special emphasis that I want to say to our Colstrip students that showed or had exhibits at the fair: "WAY TO MAKE DUST!" Your work is recognized and appreciated by many.  In addition, on behalf of so many, thank you for making your community, parents, school and this superintendent proud.

Now, for a little trivia, let me take this opportunity to say: I couldn't be more proud our Colstrip kids than Able Frank was of his prize boar or Melissa of her blue ribbon mincemeat (name that Hammerstein and Rogers Production).



"Get out in front and stay there!"

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